"Amithlon is a low-level Amiga emulator for current x86 PCs. It provides very high performance CPU emulation, as well as a translation layer that lets AmigaOS use common PC hardware without the usual drawbacks of emulators. The philosophy behind the development of Amithlon was not to create an Amiga emulator that runs on top of some PC OS, but to turn a current PC into an Amiga. With Amithlon, AmigaOS is in the driver's seat, and directly controls all the hardware." -- Bernd Meyer

As a former Amiga user, having owned the A1000, A2000, A3000 and A4000 with a multitude of hardware add-ons, I was very late to discover Amithlon, an Amiga emulation that uses standard x86 hardware to run the Amiga OS, Amiga OS 3.9 in fact.   Once discovering this awesome software, I've spent hours on the net searching for more information and how to get the best out of it.   Lots of dead-end links as well as some very useful tips helped me get Amithlon running on a number of old computers I had with varying pieces of hardware.   I'm hoping to make available as much information and resources as possible, though Amithlon itself can not be provided.
Amithlon can be a pain to get going, especially on newer least newer than when Amithlon was released. I'll provide links to relevant files, and some installations guides I created to get you going. You'll also find supported or tested hardware as well as a guide to compile Milan's Kernel4.
Check out below for my Installation Guides.

Alternative guides and files
Various Kernels
Amithlon updates/patches
Kernel Sources
Supported Hardware
Modify Amithlon Kickstart
Kernel 4 Compiling

Booting Amithlon